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City of Easthampton


The city of Easthampton is a residential and manufacturing community of 16,000, located in Hampshire County and bordered on the east by Mount Tom. The active downtown area maintains a New England village character, including historic Shop Row on Main Street and the new Cottage Street Cultural District.

New small- and mid-sized businesses thrive here, supported by a burgeoning arts community, a wide variety of shops and award-winning restaurants and cafes. Projects such as Eastworks, Mill 180, the Keystone Building, One Cottage Street and 15 Cottage Street all work to reuse existing mill space for new businesses and private residences. With national recognition for the high quality of its drinking water, Easthampton has also attracted the establishment of several microbreweries.

Easthampton’s many recreational opportunities include a newly constructed boardwalk around its central feature, Nashawannuck Pond, for fishing and boating; Nonotuck Park; Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, which is managed by the National Aubudon Society; and the Manhan Rail Trail.

Read more about the city of Easthampton at its website.

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