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City of Easthampton

The city of Easthampton is a residential and manufacturing community of 16,000, located in Hampshire County and bordered on the east by Mount Tom. The active downtown area maintains a New England village character, including historic Shop Row on Main Street and the new Cottage Street Cultural District.

New small- and mid-sized businesses thrive here, supported by a burgeoning arts community, a wide variety of shops and award-winning restaurants and cafes. Projects such as Eastworks, Mill 180, the Keystone Building, One Cottage Street and 15 Cottage Street all work to reuse existing mill space for new businesses and private residences. With national recognition for the high quality of its drinking water, Easthampton has also attracted the establishment of several microbreweries.

Easthampton’s many recreational opportunities include a newly constructed boardwalk around its central feature, Nashawannuck Pond, for fishing and boating; Nonotuck Park; Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, which is managed by the National Aubudon Society; and the Manhan Rail Trail.

Read more about the city of Easthampton at its website.

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Town of Southampton

The town of Southampton started out as a farming community and has retained much of that atmosphere through the years, even though there are few farms left. The community’s rural character and central location to Northampton, Westfield, Holyoke and Springfield make it a desirable bedroom community.

Although the center of town is small, the population of Southampton has increased over time (about 6,000 currently) and there is a high level of community involvement. Residents and guests proudly gather to celebrate the town's founding with Old Home Days, which includes picnics, parades, history lessons, children's story hour, art exhibits, car shows and dances. Previous residents from all across the country visit this three-day annual community event to share their stories and history. The Southampton Youth Athletic Association provides involvement for youth and gives them a sense of accomplishment outside the structures of the school system.

The town’s economy and attractions include antiques and craft stores, galleries, horseback riding, nature sanctuaries and trails, farm stands and orchards, and a golf course.

Read more about the town of Southampton at its website.

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Town of Westhampton

The town of Westhampton is a small, rural community in Hampshire County. It is characterized by rolling hills and a country atmosphere, yet this rural town is quickly becoming an attractive residential community. Over the last 30 years, the town has nearly doubled in population and is now approximately 1,700 residents.

Wood products, lumber and farming are important town industries. There are several dairy farms and orchards that continue to operate full-time. Maple sugar houses can be seen throughout the town, and many residents engage in maple sugaring in the spring. The town center provides a picturesque setting with a library, town hall, church and town common. The nearby Westhampton Blacksmith Shop Museum continues to preserve the history of the town through a vast collection of memorabilia donated by residents.

Westhampton offers an elementary school, a library rebuilt in 2010 and a regional junior/senior high school located in the center of town that is shared with four neighboring towns. The town celebrates a fall festival each year that is popular with the surrounding communities.

Read more about the town of Westhampton at its website.

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